innotec Training Room - Functional Safety & Cybersecurity Training
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New Training Room – Functional Safety and Cybersecurity

We have updated our training offer, with the new training room. You have now the possibility to create customized trainings for functional safety and cybersecurity as well as book training sessions directly online:

  1. Training Room: register directly and learn alongside others in our newly scheduled training sessions
  2. Customized Training: Create a personalized training program with our assistant form
  3. Explore the Complete Offer: Discover our training programs on our detailed webpages

Feel free to contact us for more information or visit

We will continue to develop our training offer, focusing on customized solutions which allow you to efficiently learn the new topics or refreshing well known concepts.

The topics are focused on cybersecurity, functional safety and machinery safety. We believe that starting with a well prepared training is a good way to prepare yourself or your company to master the upcoming challenges of new regulations, like the new machinery regulation 2023/1230, or the upcoming Cybersecurity Resiliance Act.

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