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Functional Safety for Automotive and Agriculture

Automotive Functional Safety – ISO 26262

Transport systems on the road have an high degree of relevance to safety. Proper functioning of these elements is necessary for the safe transport of people and goods. Safety is also a growing topic in the field of autonomous vehicels. The standard ISO 26262 applies to the complete development cycle of an automotive product. The standard allows OEM as well supplier to meet the state of the art for a safe transportation. Autonomous vehicles as well as increasing interaction between safety and comfort functions, increase the need of functional safety standards. The ISO 26262 series has been enhanced in the past years by further standards like ISO 21448 (safety of the intended function), in order to adress the challenge of the higher degree of autonomy. In several countries the ISO 26262 series are also started to be discussed and in the homologation requirements.

Agriculture Functional Safety – ISO 25119

ISO 25119 outlines fundamental principles for the design and development of safety-related components within electronic control systems (SRP/CS) on tractors, municipal equipment such as street-sweeping machines, and other machinery used in agriculture and forestry. This standard defines the characteristics and categories required of SRP/CS to perform their safety-related functions, addressing potential hazards caused by interference behavior related to electrical, electronic, and programmable electronic systems (E/E/PES).

Essentially, ISO 25119 serves as an industry-specific adaptation of IEC 61508, merging modified and simplified elements from ISO 26262 (automotive functional safety) and ISO 13849 (machinery functional safety). The standard, organized into four main parts, covers management aspects, safety concepts, hardware/software development, and functional safety aspects during production, operation, modification, and supporting processes.

Examples of applications of ISO 26262

The standard ISO 26262 is applicable to several systems in your cars. All the time safety has a relevance, the requirements of the ISO 26262 shall be fullfilled. For example in:

  • ECU (Electronic Control Unit, the core of your car)
  • Steering Wheel Sensor
  • Brake Systems
  • Accelerator Sensor
  • Camera/LiDar used in autonomous vehicle
  • Display used for safety relevant information

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