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Functional and Technical Safety Concept Consultancy

Products used in safety applications must exhibit a high degree of freedom from defects and faults. Depending on the area of application, components or systems may need to be designed to ensure that one or more errors do not result in a loss of overall safety. Designing such systems is a complex task, making the so called “concept phase” a critical starting point for functional safety.

During the concept phase, key aspects related to system safety specifications, safety architecture, failure analysis, and diagnostic considerations (such as system FMEA) are defined, discussed, analyzed, and agreed upon with the end customer or certification body.

The functional and technical safety concept step allows for a systematic and clear start to development. It is a well-known fact that detecting defects early in development can minimize costs. The concept phase provides a solid foundation for safe development. While different standards may address the functional and technical safety concept in different ways, the fundamentals principles remain the same, and our approach draws from the best cross-industry practices.

Steps During the Concept Phase

The functional and technical safety concept phase can be a complex tasks. Through our systematic approach, we engage relevant stakeholders (development, management, end customer, certification body, etc.) at every stage. The concept phase is meticulously planned and may include the following steps:

functional safety meeting
  1. Conduct a workshop to assess the project’s current status
  2. Analyze available customer documents
  3. Review the state of Functional Safety Management (inventory)
  4. Assess the development progress (inventory)
  5. Evaluate the status of tests and test environments (inventory)
  6. Examine the manufacturing status (inventory)
  7. Conduct concept phase meetings to discuss the inventory status
  8. Analyze the Product Requirement Specification (PRS)
  9. Perform a System FMEA
  10. Develop the Safety Requirement Specification (SRS)
  11. Conduct a Block FMEA based on the SRS
  12. Create a Test Plan Overview
  13. Develop Parameterization/Configuration Concepts

How We Can Help You

innotec specializes in developing functional and technical safety concepts for applications, systems, and sub-systems in accordance with relevant standards. This approach is based on the experience gained in the latest 20 years. The approach systematically covers all relevant aspects, providing our customer with a reliable foundation for the further development steps. A key focus is to facilitate the most cost-effective and efficient implementation of the defined measures identified during the concept phase.

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