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ABOUT innotec GmbH

innotec GmbH is a consulting company specialized in functional safety, machinery safety and cybersecurity.
Established in 1998, innotec GmbH specializes in delivering premium services in the field of functional safety, machinery safety, and integration with cybersecurity.

Our Principle

Our core principle is straightforward: we are dedicated to your success. We understand that navigating the complexities of safety and cybersecurity shouldn’t impede your progress. Therefore, our approach is practical and efficient, dedicated to delivering streamlined engineering solutions while upholding the highest safety and cybersecurity standards.

Our Expertise

Our expertise lies in our profound understanding of industry standards and in their practical implementation.

  • We are first engineers and computer scientists with passion about safety and cybersecurity
  • Our team consists of about 10 internal and external experts with years of practical industry experience
  • Cross-industry experience in machinery, automotive, railway
  • We cooperate with internationally recognized and accredited testing and certification bodies (all TÜVs, DEKRA, Exida, etc.)
  • We are active in standardization committees (IEC 61508, ISO 26262, EN5012x)

Why innotec?

innotec is your trusted partner for Functional Safety. We make it possible for your company to achieve its goals in many areas of safety engineering.

Your advantages:

  • Access to engineers with years of experience in several projects and industries (software and hardware development)
  • Access to engineers with recognized experience in worldwide certification and testing institutes
  • You get a partner who understands that safe, secure, and on-time delivered products are a common goal
  • You get a partner who has an engineering mindset and a commonsense approach to safety-related projects


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