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In the realm of functional safety, where precision and reliability are paramount, software development demands meticulous planning and execution. For an item of software to meet the required level of safety integrity, comprehensive error prevention measures must be integrated into every phase of its development.

Safety-Related Software

From the very outset of a project, even before coding begins, attention to detail is crucial. Navigating potential pitfalls, such as contradictory requirements and specification gaps within the architecture, requires rigorous planning, meticulous documentation, and comprehensive verification processes.

During the initial phases, it’s imperative to consider future module and integration tests. These tests, essential for ensuring the software integrity, must not only be envisioned but also meticulously documented within the project’s specifications. This foresight is crucial, as it paves the way for streamlined testing processes down the line.

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Adhering to safety standards significantly aids this intricate development journey. Standards like IEC 61508-3, ISO 26262-6, and EN 50128 pivotal roles. They provide a framework that specifies measures tailored to the safety classification. These standards offer a structured approach, scaling measures based on project complexity and scope.

Furthermore, depending on the size and intricacy of the software project, utilizing supportive tools becomes a necessity. These tools act as enablers, ensuring that the safety goals are not only pursued but also demonstrably achieved. Tools used in safety-relevant projects must be appropriately classified and, when necessary, qualified.

In essence, functional safety in software development is not a mere checkbox; it’s a commitment to a meticulous, well-planned, and standardized process. With the guidance of established standards like IEC 61508-3, ISO 26262-6, and EN 50128, coupled with foresighted planning and innovative tools, achieving the highest levels of safety integrity becomes an achievable reality.

How We Can Help You

We have a proven track record of successfully completed projects where we create, update, or review work products related to safe software development. Our expertise covers embedded software as well as application software. Cost-effectiveness is a priority for us, achieved through template reuse and collaboration with stakeholders to determine the best and safest approach to software architecture, design, and implementation.

We can support your project during the following activities:

  • Creation/Review of software requirements, architecture and design specifications
  • Creation/Review/Run of software test (all levels till unit tests)
  • Static analysis (based on customer tools)
  • Tool Qualification (support, implementation)
  • Review of software (independent organization)
  • Support during integration of pre-compliant products
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