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Risk Assessment Consultancy for Machines and Plants

The Risk Assessment process is a mandatory requirement across various legislations and follows a systematic approach applicable to various industries. While it can be a complex task, our consultancy services provide valuable support, speeding up your project and ensuring that the risk assessment is conducted with expert knowledge drawing from our cross-industry and long term experience.

One example of legislative requirement for risk assessment is the new Machinery Regulation (EU) 2023/1230:

“The manufacturer of machinery or a related product shall ensure that a risk assessment is carried out in order to determine the essential health and safety requirements which apply to the machinery or related product. The machinery or related product shall then be designed and constructed to eliminate hazards or, if that is not possible, to minimise all relevant risks, taking into account the results of the risk assessment.”

Official Journal of the European Union, Machinery Regulation (EU) 2023/1230, Annex III, PART B, General principles

Understanding EN ISO 12100 for Machinery Safety

General Principles

The harmonized standard ISO 12100 provides the requirements and basic principle related to risk assessment in the area of machinery safety. In the realm of machinery design, EN ISO 12100 serves as a comprehensive guide. It ensure the creation of machines that are not only efficient but also safe for their intended purposes.


Key Considerations in EN ISO 12100

The standard outlines various hazards to be taken into consideration, including:

  • Mechanical hazards
  • Electrical hazards
  • Thermal hazards
  • Hazards arising from noise
  • Hazards arising from vibration
  • Hazards related to radiation
  • Hazards posed by materials and substances
  • Hazards arising from neglect of ergonomic principles in machinery design

Supplementary Standards

EN ISO 12100 not only sets the groundwork but also paves the way for other vital standards in the industry. Harmonized standard EN ISO 12100 establishes crucial relationships to other standards for safety-related systems, including components of machinery and plant control systems. Building upon this foundational standard, other harmonized standards like EN ISO 13849-1/-2, EN IEC 62061, along with referenced standard EN 61508, further elaborate on the design, construction, and integration of safety-related parts within control systems and safety measures.

How We Can Help You

innotec conducts risk assessment procedures for single machines and complex plants according to the relevant standards (including EN ISO 12100, EN ISO 13849-1/-2, EN 61508, and EN 62061). Our approach is based on two decades of experience, enabling us to identify all measures necessary to minimize risk throughout each lifecycle phase. Our primary goal is to facilitate the the most cost-effective and efficient implementation of these measures.

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