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Functional Safety for Embedded Systems – IEC 61508

Embedded Systems, in the context of functional safety, refer to specialized computing systems integrated into larger products or systems. They are embedded within devices such as industrial machines, automobiles, medical equipment, and IoT devices, seamlessly working in the background to ensure the proper and safe functioning of the overall system. The requirements for such devices in the context of functional safety are detailed in the standard IEC 61508.

The IEC 61508 serie is an international standard published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). It provides a comprehensive framework for achieving functional safety in electrical, electronic, and programmable electronic systems. This standard is particularly relevant in the context of embedded systems, ensuring that these systems operate safely, reliably, and securely in diverse applications, including IoT devices and autonomous technologies.

One of the unique aspects of IEC 61508 is its generic applicability across various industries. Whether you’re developing IoT devices for healthcare, automotive applications, industrial automation, or autonomous devices for aerospace, our consultancy services ensure that your embedded systems align with the standard’s guidelines, ensuring safety and reliability regardless of the application.

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Examples of Safety Related Embedded Systems

Some typical examples of safety related systems are:

  • Generic sensors (temperature, pressure, force, etc.)
  • Generic Purpose safety processors
  • Operating Systems
  • Library/Protocol Stacks for safety communication
  • Safety Test Libraries (STL) for diagnostic tests
  • and much more

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We have a strong track record of successfully completed projects, from support in the development process to implementation of detailed software tests. Our area of expertise starts from the required technical safety concept and includes the complete support during the certification process. This also includes all the phases required to deliver a safe system.

As part of the national and international standard commitee, innotec provides state of the art services related to IEC 61508.

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