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Safety Analysis Consultancy

In safety-critical systems for the machinery, automotive, and railway industries, meeting the necessary safety metrics through analysis and calculation is imperative. Products used in these safety systems must exhibit exceptional reliability to prevent the accumulation of faults and minimize the likelihood of undetectable errors. It is crucial to maintain a low probability of such errors. To ensure the attainment of the intended safety targets, safety analysis and metric calculations are essential.

Expertise in Simulations and Calculations of Safety Metrics

Our approach begins with rigorous simulations and calculations, aiming to minimize undetectable errors and mitigate risks. We employ advanced methods, including the following:

safety analysis consultancy
  • Worst Case, Typical Case, Best Case Scenarios: Utilizing diverse scenarios to assess product behavior.
  • MTBF, FIT, ʎ-values: Employing reliability metrics for in-depth analysis.
  • FMEA and FTA: Conducting Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, as well as Failure Tree Analysis, for comprehensive error evaluation.
  • Monte Carlo Simulation and Markov Analysis: Employing sophisticated simulations for accurate risk assessment.
  • Safety Block Diagrams: Establishing meticulous diagrams to visualize safety functions.
  • SISTEMA, Excel Calculations: Utilizing industry-standard tools for precise calculations.

Ensuring Performance Compliance

To provide proof of performance levels and/or safety integrity levels, we conduct thorough safety analysis and metric calculation:

  • FMEA for Safety-Relevant Functions: Identifying potential failure modes and their effects on safety functions.
  • Compilation of Failure Rates and B10 Values: Aggregating data for robust reliability analysis.
  • Combining PL and SIL Values: Integrating Performance Level (PL) and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) values for comprehensive safety assessment.

How We can Help You

At innotec, we perform safety analysis and metric calculations for components across various industries in accordance with relevant standards. With over 20 years of experience, we prioritize critical safety parameters over excessive Excel calculations. Our goal is to support cost-effective and efficient design adaptations to meet safety targets.

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