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innotec GmbH and modelwise work together to innovate how safety analysis are being performed in functional safety area. Modelwise brings forth a transformative approach for industries including automation, automotive, railway, and aerospace, significantly reducing FME(D)A time from weeks to mere hours. Innotec GmbH support the common customer in functional safety solutions including HARA, safety requirements management, and safe hardware and software development.

SIListra Systems GmbH

innotec GmbH and SIListra Systems GmbH work together in the field of functional safety. Interested parties have comprehensive access to specialist expertise in order to implement holistic solutions in the field of functional safety. On the basis of SIListra Systems technologies and innotec’s specific experience, customers can implement solutions much faster. The focus is on the implementation of cost-efficient safety projects with an optimal process without compromising on the fulfilment of current safety requirements.

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ST Partner Program

innotec GmbH is part of the STMicroelectronics Partner Program concerning of functional safety technology. The exchange of know how, technologies experience and new solutions is focus for trendsetting development for our customers. We care these partnerships. 

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innotec GmbH collaborate together with FMEAplus Akademie GmbH in providing complete training solution in the functional safety field. Founded in Ulm in 2012, the company dedicated to offering high-quality training with tangible benefits for products, projects, and staff. In 2016, it expanded to include Consulting services, providing integrated support for customers’ needs. As a center of competence for preventive analysis, the company focus on developing and optimizing FMEA, ensuring sustainability of interfaces, and conducting further analyses.


innotec partners with NISAR, an innovative company specializing in AI and software development. NISAR excels in increasing efficiency in automotive and robotics software development through a state-of-the-art, cloud-based tool landscape tailored for data-driven development. With a strong emphasis on usability and efficient workflows, NISAR experts collaborate closely with us, offering valuable insights into AI techniques in software development and addressing all software-related topics, from the development process to engineering tools, including workshops and training.

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The SafetyON is a consortium of leading safety experts. Goal of SafetyON is to create and foster a network of specialists from industry and science.

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TÜV Austria Deutschland

Within the network of TÜV experts, the experts of TÜV Austria Deutschland allow a direct and timely contact to adress any issues related to conformity assessment.

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TÜV Trust IT

The experts of TÜV Trust IT provide one of the most professional network of cybersecurity experts. We closely cooperate with respect to cybersecurity and safety services, workshops, and trainings.