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Functional Safety & Cybersecurity: Expert Opinion Services

In safety-critical systems, numerous complex issues and discussions often arise concerning functional safety and cybersecurity. Finding the right solutions for development, convincing end customers to accept proposed solutions, addressing emerging challenges during product release, and understanding safety-critical incidents in the field can be difficult tasks. In such challenging situations, the need for expert opinions becomes crucial.

Why Expert Opinion Matters

For several years, we have offered on-demand expert opinion services. We understand that our customers not only require expert answers to complex issues but also need them to be reliable and timely.

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Our expert opinion services cover various areas, including:

  • Functional safety, spanning from components to complex machines and plants (see our Areas of Expertise)
  • Cybersecurity issues especially in functional safety applications (see also Functional Safety & Cybersecurity)
  • Advanced topics, such as the utilization of AI-based techniques in functional safety development
  • Defining state-of-the-art techniques and methods
  • Resolving issues with end customers regarding the interpretation of functional safety topics
  • Addressing concerns with notified/assessment bodies
  • Handling incidents in the field, including legal proceedings
  • Concept definitions
  • Risk assessment

How We can Help You

At innotec, we offer expert opinions across a range of topics, drawing on our extensive experience. We have access to a network of several hundred experts, each with deep expertise in specific fields. We ensure that the expert selected for your specific issue possesses the highest level of skill and expertise. We understand that some issues require a reliable and fast responding partner.

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