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In partnership with SIListra Systems, we collaborate to support product manufacturers in developing safety products based on coded processing. We enable customers to implement hardware indepent safety solutions that fully comply with functional safety standards. The solution offered by SIListra Systems extends its applicability across multiple industries such as automation, automotive, railway, medical, and more. Leveraging our extensive expertise in functional safety industries, we guide our customers through every stage, ensuring comprehensive coverage from conceptualization to final certification. In order to get more information about hte hardware independent safety, have also a look to our partner video collection (Hardware Independent Safety with the SIListra Safety Transformer and SIListra Safety Transformer 2.0.0).

HARdware indEpendent Safety: why choose us

Our experts have actively participated in several projects centered around coded processing, demonstrating an in-depth understanding of this technology. Thanks to our strong collaboration with SIListra Systems, we deliver efficient, rapid, and cost-effective functional safety solutions to our clients. This means we can support you in creating the optimal technical safety concept based on the SIListra Systems solution. Once this foundation is established, we guide you through all relevant safety lifecycle aspects, including requirements analysis, architecture, software design, test, and verification.

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Examples of consultancy actitvities in collaboration with SIListra Systems:

  • Concept discussion: safety concept, architecture overview
  • Integration of SIListra Systems toolchain into your processes
  • Definition of additional support activities (FSM and more)
  • Support during verification activities
  • Coordination of all activities with the final assessor, notified body, Safety Manager

How We Can Help You

We have a proven track record of successfully completed projects, directly supporting the coded processing technology in collaboration with our partner SIListra Systems. Our support includes the development of tailored solutions for your projects and assistance with all necessary functional safety activities. Through our strong partnership with SIListra Systems, we are able to deliver the precise functional safety solution you need.

Recognizing the unique nature of each company and project, we emphasize a customized approach. We believe in tailoring solutions to fit your specific needs while maintaining a cost-effective strategy. Our commitment ensures compliance without compromise, allowing you to navigate the intricacies of functional safety with confidence.

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