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Safety Communication Layer Consultancy

In the ever-evolving landscape of functional safety embedded systems, the introduction of safety communication layers has revolutionized the secure, efficient, and dynamic exchange of data. The coordination between sensors, actuators, and computing systems is particularly critical, especially in domains like mobile and collaborative robotics. These safe communication networks serve as the foundation for the accurate transmission of safety-critical data.

Communication Networks: Connecting Safety and Efficiency

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Numerous standards address the need for safety communication protocols, such as IEC 61508 (with reference to the IEC 61784 series), ISO 26262 (for vehicle networks), EN50159 (for communication networks in railway applications), and more. The fundamental approach involves adding a set of failure detection measures on top of commercial protocols, often referred to as “black-channel”.

This addition to the commercial protocol is commonly known as a safety communication layer or safety protocol. Well-known safety layers like Profisafe, FSoE, IO-Link Safety, and others exist. Designing, validating and gaining approval for these safety layers can be a challenging task.

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We have a robust track record of successfully completed projects, where we provided support in designing, verifying, and obtaining approval for safety-related protocols. Our expertise covers the specification, verification,and third-party assessor support for safety layers, ensuring the safe deployment of communication protocols.

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