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Functional Safety and Artificial intelligence workshop

While technologies based on so called “artificial intelligence” are nowadays expanding at an incredible speed, the usage of such technologies in safety related area is a challenge. Functional safety standards are based on the principle of validation based on requirement specifications, which results to be one of the main challenge when using artificial intelligence technologies, like for example machine learning. Several initiatives are on-going worldwide to adress this challenge from a standard point of view (like for example the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 42/JWG 4). This workshop provides project managers, developers, safety experts and all the project stakeholders with a detailed understanding of the challenges related to the usage of AI based technology in functional safety (based on the example of machine learning). Moreover a walkthrough about the current standardisation initiatives is provided, in combination with detailed implementation of some tecniques in a real customer project.

Who Benefits From This Training

This workshop is tailored to benefit a wide range of professionals, from manager and project leaders to developers and testers, who are involved in functional safety and machine learning development. It is particularly important for the R&D department who approaches the challenge of the introduction of artificial intelligence technologies and want to get an update about the current state of practice.


The Functional Safety & Artificial Intelligence Workshop has a duration of about 6 hours and covers the following topics:

  • Overview of usage of AI technologies in functional safety field (use cases, scope, definitions)
  • Development Lifecycle for machine Learning vs. Functional Safety Development Lifecycle
  • Validation and Verification of requirements and design: what can be re-used and what not
  • Data Integrity
  • Overview of on-going standardization activities
  • Assurance Case
  • Gap Analysis and discussion about customer specific project setup
attending a training

Upon the training the attendee will be requested to provide a list of questions/topics to be adressed in detail. The training can be integrated with an additional day/module where the topics are applied to a specific customer project and discussed in more detail. Due to the nature of this topic, the agenda can be changed based on new results/experience from on-going activities. Adding modules like Training Functional Safety Basic or Training – Safe Software Developmentcan be recommended in case no or few experience with functional safety.

Your Expertise After the Training

Upon completing this training, you will gain the ability to understand the challenges, differences and opportunities related to artificial intelligence and functional safety development. You will be well-prepared to integrate machine learning technology into your functional safety development. You will understand the practical implication of the standard requirements, and get up-to-date about the current standard initiatives.

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We have a a robust history of successful execution of tailored trainings and workshops. We strongly believe in crafting training experiences that align with the specific needs of our customers. Do not hesitate to reach out to us so that we can define the most suitable agenda for you and your organization. Your journey into the world of functional safety starts here.

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